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The best game ever

Ce jeu est super malgré quelques bugs.


Good game.. But

The game have very little to offer in missions but to make up for that they added contracts which are fun but the fact that this game does not have free roam make me dislike the game more than like, the best part about assassins creed games is that it has free roam, but this game was just a bit of a let down, not to mention it wont let me download the new update.

Freemium in an expensive game

Fun game but despite the premium price it comes with only with a few rounds of gameplay. Then if you actually want to play the game to its conclusion you are required to pay for additional rounds of gameplay. Feel cheated.


Ive already spent 10 bucks on this game and your making me pay for a campaign? No, this ruined the game for me.


6$ to play an Online only game, basically pumped with all the Filler Missions and story mode that is worse than the missions that you also want us to pay for. This is not art, this is your cash grab and its insulting that you think so low of your consumers that youd pull this out of your already mouldy asses. AC5 better clean you up.

Free roam

I would love this game. It has every little piece of assassins creed, but its missing one of the best features. Free roam!


Cest super

Simply Horrible

Paid 7$ (witch on the Appstore is ALOT) for this game. At first it was fun but the low amount of map pulled me away from the game. I waited for the new campaign to redeem the small amount of content. And then Ubisoft wants us to pay even more?! It is not worth 7$. Its simply a cashgrab. DO NOT BUY!

I have a request for the next update

You should add in free mode where you choose where you live and you can do whatever you want

Dont listen to the bad reviews...

The ones who complain dont understand why they should have support developers in creating more content for us to enjoy. It costs a measly $2.79 for the next mission. This game is just simply amazing and to get a great experience like this with great graphics I dont mind paying a few more dollars at all. Support the devs! Stop complaining and just enjoy the game.

I had the game for like one day

The game kept lagging so I deleted it then when I decided to get it back my system wouldnt let me. Plz help!

Next update

Hey, next update, make it not freaking crash. I paid around 10 bucks for this crap, this is horrible

Poor form!

Paid for the game, played and really enjoyed the game. Couldnt wait for additional content and when it arrives you want me to pay additional funds. Poor form, wouldnt recommend the game to purchase, as bang for buck isnt worth it!

Good game but dont delete it wont let you download it again so that makes it pretty crappy

Wasteful to delete the game


I have been trying to be nice here, Ive seen so many bad reviews on this and I get them totally. This game is expensive, small and doesnt have the right features for an AC game. I still continued to play it until it just completely stopped working saying "client doesnt match current game servers. (Also why the FRICK do i need wifi to play this?

Ignore the negative reviews

Its a fun game and if cant afford $6 you are really pathetic and probably shouldnt have a phone. And for those complaining about it not working did you check the requirements before you bought it? Probably not, stop your bitching.

One of the best

Amazing and beautiful game, although a little bit short. One of the best I have ever played on IOS.


This is just awesome. But you can do a watch dogs: identity please?


If you are reading this you have way to much spare time.

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