Assassin's Creed Identity App Reviews

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Requires WIFI to play terrible for offline players

Please update with ability to play offline, the application is a few GB large yet you have to connect to play. This game has potential but is currently terrible.

Keeps shitting down

After 3 minutes of play, the game shuts down on iPhone 4. After third mission, it wont play at all. Really wish I could get my money back.


It is always crashing and lagging so please make it not happen

Repetitive and Boring

After 3 missions the game got way to repetitive and the directions within the game were not clear. Do not buy.

Cant even play the game

Only let me do tutorial mission and select assassin and after that it just stayed on the main menu and no matter where I touched doesnt do anything, so I reinstalled the game and it let me get past newsfeed before not letting me touch anything I have a iPhone SE so the game is at fault

Not worth the money

I like the game but it freezes up. It is hard to give more stars when you pay for a game you cant really play.

waste of money...

when i want to play the game i cant because the server is checking and im using iphone6 but my phone is like a boiled egg(very hot) after playing for 10mins and battery lasts like 90mins when your 100%

Crash crazy

This app would be amazing if it didnt crash every 5 seconds whenever I open it. I cant get past level 3 because it continually kicks me out. So basically, I feel ripped off $7.00 for an app that is unusable. Thanks.


i have some problems in this doesnt work.. my device iphone 6 please solve it.. thanks


So I installed the game, played a couple of missions, and it was working great. Then, for no apparent reason, it stopped letting me play. It gets past the News screen, and where you select Campaigns, Assassins, etc., it shows that there are alerts in the Campaign and Codex, but wont let me select anything. It just stays frozen there. Ive tried rebooting my iPad, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, all to no avail. What little I was able to play was quite impressive, but it wont let me do anything now no matter what I try. This is clearly a huge flaw and makes the game completely unplayable. I hope this issue is addressed in an update soon, as I paid good money for this game (more than I usually spend on games), and Im extremely disappointed and feel that I shouldnt have paid for it.

Very difficult game control

Extremely difficult to play. Game control absolutely not intuitive. And you always end up pushing the wrong button by mistake.

Fix the update please.

Game is great but new update sucks. Takes forever to load.

Beast game

This is one of the best paid for games I have ever gotten in the App Store. It has amazing graphics and I love the fighting. I think the game can be better if you add dialogue to the characters, add new weapons such as guns or bows and arrows with an extra weapon slot, and more items in the store. Thanks for taking your time to read this.


I had to rate this a four star so I can show my review and trust me on this you will waste your money on it like I did you have been warned theres no going back once you buy this piece of crap game

Love it

Love the app overall, my only exception is that the need for Internet connection jars the gameplay.

This AC Identity is Awesome but its missing a few things

Let us move side to side when climbing, Needs more More outfits from the Ezio saga, we need Capes in the back of some outfits,and the game needs a fix on glitches/lags, and I want to see An "Assassins creed 2 Ezio outfit to be in this game, I know you said "there probably wont be one" but its gotta be in there as an legacy outfit, if you do this Ill give this 5 Stars but all I can say is....

Plz add co op

This game would be even more awesome if it had co op plz add it

Can not play

Loading screen takes very mach time, it bother me. After update can not play any mission. Button "Continue" is inactive and has grey color, even for mission i have completed.


Everything perfect! If you like to play AC, this version is also for you!!

Good game

This game is very fun, but maybe not worth 5 dollars. That being said, I wont mark it down for that because it really is awesome. They should definitely add more game modes.

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