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iPhone X/S

Please update with support


What a great game! Lee’s the Updates coming!!!!

Assassins creed identity

I paid money to play this game on my iPhone X’s max and it’s cropped so small this is rediculas


Hi this game is open world ?????


I bought this game so why do I still have in game purchases I should get everything with out having to spend more money

The app froze!

I got this app for my iPhone 8+ and played one mission. The next day, when I opened it up, it froze after the pop up telling you about special offers. Nothing happened and I couldn’t tap any buttons. Please offer a solution or refund me!

Make a new one

It is the best game I the world🤑😸😆

Fun game however...

The game is fun for a mobile game however, the campaigns take you to level 15 maybe 16? And 2.2k ish power. Yet you want us to do the same contracts over and over and over for hardly ANY reward, I did a days worth of contracts and MAYBE got a level and a half and power boosted about 200. Which I believe is a “pay wall” to get people to pay to boost up to max lvl and power. But if you guys fix that and do hard mode and heroic modes for the campaigns so they can help you level up and get geared while making the missions harder, that’d be awesome. I’m almost at veteran and it’s extremely repetitive right now.

Good but controls

This game is great and I love it, but the controls and the camera need to be reworked. Otherwise great game

iPhone X

I love the game just please add support for the IPhone X

Doesn’t work anymore

I have an iPhone 7 and it just pops up an error code every time I launch the game. Both my phone and the game are fully up to date

It was fun before the campaign ended

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing game. They are some complaints I think you should know if you are thinking about getting this. First let’s start with the pros: The campaign mode was fun. It is also fun collecting all the info on the buildings and enemies. Also, collecting new items and powers (like sticky bombs) for my assassin is fun. It is so fluid and feels natural climbing the rooftops and sneaking up on enemies. The cons: The game is 1.99 and has lots of in-app purchases. I understand that the developers need to make some money, but I don’t think they should sell levels. Also, the campaign mode is way too short. They need to add more levels instead of paying 2 dollars for a couple of extra levels. Please add more campaign (with no in app purchases). I think they can get money in other ways. Finally, I wish that the game would get updated graphics and maybe some transportation like horses.

El mejor

Lo amo

Great Job but…

This game is awesome and to have the ability to play almost console level gaming on iPhone and iPad is fantastic, but it would be nice to have cloud function and play via Apple TV 4K with nimbus controller.


Really fun game! I like it

Assassins creed identity

Why won’t the game load in on my iPhone 6 I want a refund

Assassins creed identity

This was updated a years go and that was only to lower the cost of the game this game really needs a update on gameplay and graphics

Amazing for an iPhone game

This has good features and a lot of mission not so many campaign missions But a lot of side missions as well as many cool clothing choices and weapons to thx game creators 😁👌👍

BA for a phone game!👍🏼

Can’t expect the game to be like the console AC but awesome that there is one! keep up the good work!

Honestly pretty good but...

It charges you to play certain maps and campaigns and whatnot. It’s stupid because you pay 4.99 to even play, but to continue playing, you must play more??? Please fix this.


My game keeps freezing and it will not allow me to do anything at the start menu please fix

Keep saying “Connecting”

This game doesn’t load. It keeps saying “Connecting” on the first loading screen and thats it. FIX THIS!

New Content

The games great it's just needs more


I can’t load the home screen won’t let me click anything please fix this problem soon.

I love it‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Pretty good I like it how nicely you sneak up on a someone and take someone out I think it just needs more levels because I’m I’ll almost in the game I’m not spending money in the game so please don’t delay❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

Feels just like the PS3

Love it


This game is really lacking a update

Great game

It has so much action and energy


Can I get. A refund


I didn’t mean to buy this game may I get my money back

Great game

Love the assassin creed series. The game play is good but could be great! The art is top notch! Love the history, took from real events! Has a lot of buffering issues but that’s to be expected I guess. Wish Ubisoft would update the game but is just a wish. Over all great game! Awesome job Ubisoft!


Bought the stupid game and it’s been on the loading screen for 10 minutes

It’s Okay

There’s no mounts so the Assassin gets places really slow on foot. The controls are kind of hard to get used to. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

The game let me play for two days

So I Love this game, but there are is a BIG problem, Wichita is why we I have to take away two stars. First, the game was really fun for the two days I could play it, but after those days it stared lag. Second: then after that it took forever to load, Third: after two days of lag and being slow it was fast to load but then... it wouldn’t let me tap ANYTHING so, I would only recommend this to anyone who likes lag P.S.: NOBODY Sorry Ubisoft but fix it or I’m not recommending my friends...😟😟😟

Need an update and fast

It's a good game, really is. HOWEVER, it's in need for an update with new content and more features added to it

Can’t even play

I’m sorry Ubisoft, but how am I supposed to give you guys a good review if I can’t even open the flippin game. I have never gotten past the loading title screen, you guy may want to look into that.


Amazing love. I’ve played all the ac games and I love the series.

Glitch? Can’t move past tutorial

Tutorial looked promising but that’s all I got to play. App will not allow me to continue without logging into Facebook, which I don’t have. The “connect later” option seems to be just for design. App Support leads to an unhelpful forum that requires a login to get any kind of assistance. Overall, this is looking to be a waste of money, but the graphics look great 😒

Add more mission

The game is very good. But I just wish that it has more missions. The game is still good !!

Great game, but way too long to load

I have an old review saying it takes way too long to load, so I gave it 3 stars I believe . . .but I take that back, for it turned out that it needs a good Wi-Fi, and I’ve played a lot since then. Well anyway, this game is a good game. Here’s how it works: you start out with a tutorial (Training at Montreal; system where you have tutorials at testing labs in modern America, and throughout the game, you have to do more), then you create an Assassin. You create the name, the face (options of your assassin being black or female is unavailable), and you choose the class. Berserker means you’re a war-like assassin, using splinter bombs, special tactics with weapons, etc. Shadow blade is where you can use smoke bombs to make your enemies blind, you can pierce armor, so when in combat, you can deal more damage than other classes, and you can throw daggers, special tactics with swords, etc. Trickster. You can throw coins on the ground to distract everyone, throw sticky bombs, wear disguises to fool guards, etc. Thief? You can unlock it later in the hero shop for 200 hero tokens, and the thief can pickpocket, distracts people, stun guards with antidotes, etc. After creating the assassin, you get sent on missions in a storyline called “A Murder of Crows”, and you can get “Forli” for two bucks via in-app. You can do contracts, these short missions. It all takes place in the Renaissance in Italy, and it has incredible graphics (no gory violence, but there is blood). You can tail people, assassinate, steal, etc.

Money, money!... for bugs

Too many bugs and errors messages in the game. The character is erratic in his moves. Money is a plus for easy play. Game is overrated and Ubisoft too greedy!!! Hopefully I had it at a reduced price. I like the AC games but this one is a mess. Very very repetitive missions = boredom!


This games is awesome, graphics and everything looked beautiful and to play this game is amazing all the time.

Best game ever

I have no words for this game ! Just wow

Good game but belongs on the Apple TV

This game is fun but the controls on the tiny screen holds it back. Once I played through the story mode and played the other missions for some time I got tired of the game on the tiny screen. I believe a game like this should also be ported to the Apple TV when the controls will feel better and I’m not playing this game (that looks amazing) on a tiny screen. It just doesn’t need to be on the Apple TV it deserve it

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I absolutely love this game but we need more updates new missions it gets boring after you’ve done the same mission 30 plus times. Please please Ubisoft give identity a little more love.

Don’t waist your money

After the first mission you can’t play it doesn’t let you get of the starting menu

Account saving

I got a phone after I got this game, I got this game on my phone, no progress, restore purchases, nothing. Also lack of levels.


I will review better once I can finally play the game. I fell like I wasted my money on this game because it does not even open up. It frustrating and hope it will be fix soon.

Literally doesn’t work.

The game stopped working after three missions. It starts up but won’t let me click on anything. Completely worthless.

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