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Don’t waist your money

After the first mission you can’t play it doesn’t let you get of the starting menu

Account saving

I got a phone after I got this game, I got this game on my phone, no progress, restore purchases, nothing. Also lack of levels.


I will review better once I can finally play the game. I fell like I wasted my money on this game because it does not even open up. It frustrating and hope it will be fix soon.

Literally doesn’t work.

The game stopped working after three missions. It starts up but won’t let me click on anything. Completely worthless.

Where is it

Didn’t get the exit costume

Great game just needs to be a little cheaper

The game is amazing and worth the money but can you guys make it easer to get game money like hero tokens and coins because when I need to buy stuff it’s to expensive and I need to do more that 5 contracts or more to get enough money and most contracts like the parkour is super hard but over all pretty good.

Progress deleted

Great game realistic graphics but I don’t like that it takes wifi My progress deleted because I didn’t Login to Facebook Personally I don’t have Facebook so I can’t save my progress

Its good but one thing

Ok so this is like soo annoying g I downloading the game right... But I could press anything nxt like after next when everything g scrolled down (it's like the first button u press to actually start the game) and so I can't do anything right now and I'm starting too feel like I just waisted 2$ I dont know if it's just me

Needs a few things

First of all, the armor you purchased actually showing up on your character would give more play incentive. Second, it needs bigger and longer missions. Third, more combat mechanics. Fourth, multiplayer it would destroy on mobile just think about it.

Great game

So there’s a lot to do but where are the updates? Pretty soon ima have to move on



Fun game

I rated this a four because it is a really fun game but they need to make it more like the console like a free roam not a mission only game and you can buy items in the free roam but any wise a good buy


rubbish game

Havent got to play game

Brand new iphone 8 cant play game cause it wont download on my UNLIMITED LTE it wants wifi that I dont have.... charged me for the app yet wont download it!

It won’t even download

I waited just about 3 days for this to download and all it did was start over and redownload it again and idk why. I’m not complaining because I never got a chance to play this game but I want to and I’m not sure what I should do about this help please?

Main games converted to mobile?

Wonderful game that’ll make me think about buying a second game pad just for my iPad. Now I hope to see the main series ported over to IOS and Apple TV!

Fix this or only get one star from me

Fix the bug where i open the app on my ipad air( which i have done a thousand times) and the campaign and codex buttons freeze but the movement above does not stop.. and don’t tell me the complete utter bull crap that i need to reboot my ipad or i need to get rid of the game and get it again... i love ac but i need this fixed or forever have one star from me

Fix please

I would rate 5 but there is a glitch where the game soft locks on the menu when you open the game PLEASE FIX IT

It’s ok.

I would like to give it more stars but the fact that I cannot get past the news section makes it hard to play. It started out really well until I could no longer play anything. I would really much love for this to be fixed. I really liked this game.


This game is just trash and a waste of 1 gig

Can’t even play it!

When I get to the main menu I try to press Campaign but it doesn’t work. So yeah... this is crap!


I think this game is horrible played it for 2 hours last night absolutely hate it!! Worst 2$ ever spent!! Wish I could take it back

Great game!😀

I only played for a day and it’s so good great game hope you make more assassin creed game.

Sad Day

Very disappointed that I bought this game specifically for a long plane ride only to find it requires internet. Probly will never really play it when I have internet so that was a waste of money. Should have at least had a warning in the description.

Great game, but way too long to load

I only played this once so far. It is absolutely mind-blowing. It has stunning graphics. In the game, you play as an assassin you created that is sent on missions to do stuff. Amazing game, mind-blowing graphics, though I have one major problem. It takes infinity for it to load. Last time I played, it took half an hour for it to load. If you’re impatient to play a great game, don’t get it for two dollars. I would give this game 5 stars . . . If you, developers, don’t make it take forever to load. Please also add an option where you can play this game with no internet. Do it as soon as you can

Needs bigger campaign

Only a few levels in the campaign and gets old quick but really nicely done over all.

Over all great game

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing game. They are some complaints I think you should know if you are thinking about getting this. First let’s start with the pros: the graphics are breathtaking. They are so good I feel like I am in the renaissance. Also I like how the faces look realistic. Unlike most mobile games the graphics are really good, but when you look at the face it just makes it look bad. The cons: The game is 1.99 and has lots of in-app purchases. I understand that the developers need to make some money, but I don’t think they should sell levels. If I could get all the levels and the game cost $8 I would buy it. One thing that I wish this game would have is an option to turn off blood. The game looks so realistic I feel guilty every time I kill someone.

Not working

I’ve downloaded and deleted several times trying to get the game to work. It used to work fine now it freezes on menu screen. Nothing happens when I click campaign or etc. It used to work fine

Steelseries nimbus controller does not work

Please fix!

Screw this game!!!!!!!

I got the game today and it says I have shop but I shouldn't and its not even working right!

Good game

This is the first AC game I have ever played and it is awsome I love the levels but I think it would be cool if you could add a free world where you can do parkcore and kill whoever you want .I love your game

App needs new contacts,double assassination if can work and improvements

I love this app I bought since day one but it’s already pass 2yrs since its update involving the assassin’s creed movie there hasn’t anything new for outfits,gears,class,contracts,leveling and improvements. The app should get new tactics, new way of assassination interactions,new npc’s positions and 2 close enough to interact a double assassination and that’s the next part the app should have double assassination just like AC.2 if it’s possible to install to the app. If these get ignored the app will soon died out little by little and new phones won’t have a good version of the app it’s good but can be better too if you hear me and fans out. What happens I get upgraded to s new phone and when I play AC.identity and it causes problems like crashes or lags. The app should keep going!

Waste of money

There are only 10 missions,if you have to pay for the game there should be no in-app purchases tf

Greedy game

This game is super money hungry. Not only did you have to purchase the game for 5 bucks, you had to purchase further campaigns. And the first campaign only had like 9 levels

There is something you need to fix and add

This game is a great game but there some small bugs that you need to fix. First of all when I’m behind the guards very close they notice me when they’re not looking directly at me. Also when I kill a guard they look like they are standing up and alive when it say they are dead. Another bug when I tried to do an action (like using my skill wheel or kill) I got stuck and can’t escape or exit the mission I have to exit and restart the app. The last bug I ran into is that when I finish a mission it show an error and didn’t give me the reward I have to restart the mission again to claim the reward. Also I want the game to have a free roaming mode so I can do stuff I want to do in the game. Thank you for reading this I hope you hear my advice. And I hope this is useful for the players that want this game.

Assassins creed

The game is just awesome I don’t know what to say about it it’s just awesome

Stopped working after 1 day

This app stopped working after 1 day ! Some error message.

Won’t let me play!

I open up the game and it goes through all the developer logos and gets to the loading screen. Then it gives me an error message with no information on why there’s an error message. I was extremely excited to play this game and now I can’t. Very frustrating!

Love it

I played the game for months now and now it’s saying I have a network connection when I don’t. I’m not going to delete it yet just in case y’all can fix the problem if there is one to be fixed or if it’s just my iPad being dumb. I’ll find out somehow lol thank y’all for creating this game ❤️

Waste of money

Don’t buy this game I dowloaded a day ago and I’m already having launching issues save your money

More Cool Skills

Can you please do an update to where each character has new cool skills and add new weapons and type of costumes plz the game is very fun nothing bad about it just amazingly fun


I spent 15+ minutes on a mission and at the end I made Stupid mistake because the buttons are so close together and as a result failed the mission and had to restart the whole mission. Checkpoints after every requirement would be great

iPhone X


Needs an iPhone X update

Please update! Ubisoft needs to step it up. Why make a mobile assassins creed if you’re just going to abandon it!

Pretty good 😎🙂🙂🙂😍😂🤣🙂🙂🙂😮🙂


If Ubisoft makes a mobile game, don’t buy it!

This only applies to mobile games. The only problem with this game is the lack of entertainment. The game is so inaccurate of the real Assassin’s Creed gameplay. The first reason is the lack of things you can do in the game. You can’t jump on walls. You can’t juke. You also can’t make elaborate attack patterns; the gameplay is simply spamming a button and hoping you don’t get unlucky. However, the game is fun in the first few minutes, but I don’t think 4.99 is worth it for a knock off Assassin’s Creed gameplay. Like seriously, they expect you to pay two more dollars on top of the five dollars you pay to even play the game? Like seriously Ubisoft, really? The only reason I haven’t deleted this is I spent too much money and I want to get the legendary sword of Altäïr. But, this isn’t worth devoting time or money into it.

Can’t even click on anything in the main menu

I played two missions then it wouldn’t load, so I exited the game, then I loaded into the game again, now I can’t even click on a single thing in the main menu. UBISOFT, please fix it or give me a refund

Great Game...Needs iPhone X Support

EDIT: Waiting on that iPhone X update... ——— Love the game and will continue to play it! We need iPhone X support, though. Looking forward to that. Edit: While I do really enjoy the game, I’ve gotten to the point where it’s probably best to delete it off of my phone. It’s obnoxious playing it on a X without the resolution optimization. Furthermore, the lack of content is a bit frustrating. What content remains is quite repetitive.

So far so good!

I have no problem now. I really like this kind of games and I think they make a good Arcade game on this one. I like graphics and history. I’m not and expert about Assassin’s creed but I like this game.



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